GCal for Google Calendar App yorumlar

absolute C**p adds no value

this product ads no value at all, its simply a web interface to the calendar which i could have done in my browser and the view is hardly adjustable as in the screenshots .. not worth the price, i have seen free apps that are 10 times better.


I use google calendar on my phone and ipad and love the app as it is much better than the native apple apps. I downloaded this app to use on my Mac. it works sometimes and it doesn’t. it freezes and wont follow commands. the most annoying one is that when i try to change the view from the drop down arrow…say from week to day, it wont change. i have to go to the calendar to the left and hilite the days i want to show in my view. am almost ready to return to the native apple calandar. wast of money! .

Great app but latest update issues

Great app but after the latest update, clicking on the hangouts icon does not open hangouts automatically like it did before.

Love but recent update messed up

Love this app BUT after the recent update, I can no longer see the buttons (for editing, next, previous). The tooltip pops up so I can kind of navigate my way through but being able to see the buttons would make this a 5 star app


Save your money and just go use the web version, this app is literarily a copy of the web page of google calendar and puts it into a different window. The worst couple bucks ever spent. DON'T BUY.

Printing the week or Month

You cannot print any part of the Calendar, week or month. That needs to be addressed. Tom Bowman


This app is worthless. I wish i could get a refund because this look like its just online. What a waste of money.

worthless-do not pay 1 cent for this garbage let alone 4 bucks

freezes up does NOT work with your other calanders or planners, is nothing like the free mobile app! Trying to get it removed from my computer and a refund is like trying to train my dog to play golf…forget about it..

Does it all and then some.

I have a Google account at my work that we share for photos and the calendar. I only use it for the calendar and was getting tired of switching accounts everytime I needed to see what events were coming up. This was a super simple way to do it and provided more features than some others on the App Store (like the menu bar quick launch icon AND that icon displays the current date). "Wait, why don’t you just share the calendar to the calendar you use???” Well, there are a lot of events and a lot of reminders going off that don’t pertain to me. This keeps it available when I need it and nothing more (unless I configure it that way).

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